Best Sellers:

Pecan Turtle
Toffee Bar
Walnut Fudge
Chocolate Cherries

Packaged chocolates available in our retail store

Just the chocolate - milk, dark or white chocolate candy bars or shaped chocolates for holidays and special orders.  almost always available in the retail store -  shaped solid chocolate  everything from People bones to guitars to seasonal molds.  

Mint meltaway

Just the caramel - pretty simple.  it's just a little caramel in a little bag - for the customers that come in and ask:  "do you have just the caramel?" .   All year we make caramel apples in limited numbers and they are either plain or dipped in chocolate or dipped in chocolate and rolled in pecans  

Novelty grab ‘n go bags - you know how yummy all your favorite cookies, cakes, crackers, chips, candy bars, pretzels and dried fruits are? At The Chocolate Shoppe we often say let’s try it. We’ll try almost anything once. Except bugs. I draw the line at bugs. I will even TRY bacon, but not a bug! So if you have a suggestion or a favorite let us know!

  • corporate gifts
  • business events
  • special occasions
  • weddings

Yes, we do it all.  From that one very special package, to 101 personalized boxes of chocolate, we have the perfect choice for you.  If there is an occasion to be celebrated or remembered, we can create something unique just for you.  Boxes, ribbons and tags with your logo,  colors, and/or name.  Our pricing for packaged chocolate starts for as little as $2.00.

  1. Cello bags with personalized "toppers"
  2. Cello bags with bows and personalized tags
  3. A variety of gift boxes personalized with bows / labels / logos 
  4. Four count box of creams or caramels

5) four count - 9 count box of truffles

  5. For your impressive corporate gift - we suggest our 16 - 50 piece assorted box of chocolates or assorted box of caramels. The perfect choice - the perfect size.
We offer boxes in all sizes from small to extra large. We look forward to helping you put together a unique box for your wedding or anniversary gift or just a gift to family, friends or business associates.