Welcome to the Chocolate Shoppe

Thank you visiting Chocolateshoppe.co. My long-time partner Hank has started his semi-retirement and Mantorville Farms is now directing you to this page for Chocolate Shoppe to place an order. Hank and I have been partners selling The Chocolate Shoppe chocolates for the last 10 years. I know Hank is looking forward to relaxing and writing more books and I am looking forward to taking on the Internet sales.

The Chocolate Shoppe website is still adding products and features to it’s lineup. We have the basic 6 on for you to choose from but if your favorite isn’t there either contact us or order the item close to it and put in the comment box exactly what you’d like. Chocolate Shoppe looks forward to hearing from you and to providing you with the same great chocolates.

Hank has been a wonderful partner and done a great job for The Chocolate Shoppe creating a web presence. He will be missed but is still consulting for us. Look for more of his books to be coming soon!